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EKF is supporting the students who are in need of financial support and guidance for their Higher Education

Importance Of Education

Education is a step by step process for acquiring knowledge and set of skills. The knowledge and skills can be acquired through studying books, practical experience or through instruction. Education has multiple benefits and positive effect on a person’s life. According to the modern world leaders and businessmen, the best resource for a country or a society is an educated person. An educated person can find the best possibilities for the self as well as society.

Impact Of Education

A general research investigates positive effects on society of more people seeking and achieving a higher level of education. It recognizes greater educational achievement as a route to higher social status for individuals. It also highlights the potential benefits to the economy and the possibility of greater innovation.

-Dr. Loretta Scott

Inequality in Education

Education, today has become more of a business. Students are not able to reach out to quality education unless their parents spend that extra money. There is a status of inequality because free education lacks quality.

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